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Patrick Brewer (Luke Jacobz)
Watch a video interview with Luke - he answers the questions sent in by you!

Patrick Brewer (Luke Jacobz)

For most of his adult life Patrick has been an adrenaline junkie, more at home climbing a Himalayan glacier than working as a farm hand. Patrick first came to our world to visit his elder brother, vet Dave Brewer. It was a brief but dramatic few days, during which he learnt of his father's suicide 20-odd years earlier and managed to break Kate's heart.

A year later he returned and accepted Dave's invitation to build a new life for himself on the land. It wasn't an easy path to tread; Patrick has had to confront his own fears and insecurities over losing his independence, as well as make his peace with Kate. After almost losing his eyesight in a farm accident, Patrick rekindled his love of photography. With Kate's help, he turned his hobby into a part-time job. Kate helped tame Patrick's more irresponsible side, even helping him secure a job at the truck stop after he was sacked from Killarney.

Patrick fell heavily for Kate. He was devastated to realise that her heart belonged to Dave. However, Patrick accepted that he and Kate weren't right for each other and when Kate and Dave left for Africa it was with his blessing.

Patrick is irrepressible, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Quick with a joke, and always the life and soul of the party, Patrick also has a serious side. He's incredibly loyal and supportive, and will do anything for his friends — even if it gets him into trouble (which it often does). Patrick hasn't quite found his niche in life yet, or the perfect women. But, somehow, he knows he's in the right place to find both.

Luke Jacobz
Luke Jacobz was born in Sydney on February 14, 1981.

Growing up in the suburbs and attending Crestwood Primary and Crestwood High School, Luke showed an interest in sports and performing arts at an early age and had an agent by his early teens.

Completing drama study at both school and private tuition, Luke has appeared in several commercials and guest roles in long-running Seven soapie Home and Away. When he turned 17 (1998) Luke gave up a plumbing apprenticeship for his life-long ambition of being an actor and landed his full-time acting gig as Zac Croft in Heartbreak High.

After wrapping up his role in Heartbreak High, Luke became a jack-of-all-trades, working in a café, retail and also the hospitality industry. Taking his love of travel and meeting people he also managed a youth hostel. In August 2000 he travelled extensively through Europe and the United Kingdom.

Having the gift of the gab scored him a job as a promotional representative for the Pepsi Taste Challenge campaign in the summer of 1999-2000 and led him to the hosting role on Seven's children show The Big Arvo.

In 2004; Luke hosted the popular Popstars program and co-hosted Iron Man.

In 2005 Luke joined the cast of Nine's McLeod's Daughters where he plays Patrick Brewer, the brother of local vet, Dave Brewer.

Luke loves soccer, camping, exercising, wake boarding and hanging out at the beach. He is a big fan of mostly Top 40 music and loves food shopping and eating ... anything to do with food!

Luke started filming on McLeod's Daughters in the role of Patrick Brewer in 2005.

"I play Patrick Brewer — the brother of local vet, Dave Brewer. It is a great role — Patrick is an adventure-seeking and fun-loving type of guy who loves living life to the extreme" says Jacobz.

"Patrick is the type of guy who doesn't hang around anywhere for long — his wild, adventure-seeking side keeps him on the move, looking for his next big thrill. After an accident that leaves him temporarily blinded, he realises that having people around and belonging somewhere might not be such a bad thing and takes a job at Killarney — and that's where the fun starts!"

User comments
hey luke=) we are HUGE fans of you and the show and are very upset thast the best show in the world has come to an end as we use to watch it every single night that it was on...but we are also fans of home and away... o by the way do you guys ever read these and reply to them???? well hope to see a reply from you, xoxoxox
You went to crestwood? i go to gilroy college and our school is really near there, its part of our bus route in the morning. LOVE Mcleods Daughters and LOVE the work your doing on home and away, you are a brilliant actor. Obsessed with home and away and Mcleods daughters but Mcleods daughters will always be favourite in my heart . Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing Mcleods Daughters when it finally comes back on tellie again! Cheers Cassandra P.S Do NOT do that again, Channel Nine!!!! Very angry about you just taking it off air when we were just settling back into the show again.
Hi Luke.. Thing I want to tell you...You are HOT and So CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I think that Im in love with you, Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Give me your sweet smile that it will keep me warm and tender as my pillow and blanket so I can dreaming of you every night...This is why I miss McLeod's Daughters.... All the best Luke!!!! XOXOXOXOXO
hey luke this is cheryl from malaysia and i just really wanna say that i am an avid fan of mcleods daughters and the show is a hit in malaysia.. i think that your a great and talented actor andi just LOVE YOU..XOXOXO.. I REALLY JUST LOVE YOU..
hey luke, just want to say your hotttttt! + i love you on mcleods and when you were on dancing with the stars. 8) many love , bryony
hi here is Nina from Germany, I love McLèods Daughters so much .It´s the best of the German tv!!!!
You are soo cute.. an amazing actor an all-time favourite of mine! I always thought you and kate were best for each other..but that was not meant to be, obviously you and tayler were meant to be! I cant stand Grace she needs to die! Riley should come back Jodie should come out of Witness Protection, Tess should come back from Argentina and Rose.!! I Love you Patrick!!! xxxx
very long time no see! Fond memories of happy travels around the Greek islands- ios, ferry, the airport, the flight to Budapest! How are u? Kelly x
hi luke... love alex xx xx xx

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