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Tayler Geddes (Gillian Alexy)

Tayler Geddes (Gillian Alexy)

Tayler, 17, is a wild child, a seemingly self-sufficient tearaway with a tragic background. When she first arrived at Drovers Run, Tayler was out to exact revenge on Regan, whom she blamed for killing her father in a mine accident. But when it came to the crunch, Tayler's innate compassion and intelligence meant she could not follow through on her planned revenge.

With nowhere else to go, Tayler is forced to make some serious decisions about her future. Regan is keen for her to remain on Drovers Run, but will this be enough for Tayler?

Tayler is impulsive and untamed, not averse to petty crime and pathologically suspicious of authority. But she is also intelligent, articulate and capable. Tayler loves her freedom and is determined not to be beholden to anybody — yet deep down she is yearning for love, stability and a sense of belonging.

Tayler grew up on the land, working closely with her father on their farm. Dad was a real old-style, blue-collar farmer. No airs and graces about Tayler or her dad. She can ride a horse and knows her way around a farm. When they lost the farm and her father took mine work, Tayler mixed well with the rough-as-guts kids at the mine camps. She knows how to survive on her wits and her physicality, yet her greatest untapped asset is her intelligence. However, early school experiences convinced her she was stupid. It's just one of the many hurts and resentments she carries into Drovers Run.

Gillian Alexy
After graduating from John Curtin College of the Arts in 2000 from the specialist dance and theatre courses, Gillian decided to improve her skills by travelling the globe and studying in places such as The Actors Centre in London; Le Centre de les Arts Vivants and the Peter Goss dance studio in Paris, as well as spending six months of a theatre degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the USA.

Gillian received her first television role at the age of 10 in Barron Entertainment's Ship To Shore. Since then, her screen credits have been extensive including All Saints (2005), Bed (2004), Parallax (2002-2004), Fast Tracks (1998) and The Gift (1998).

Gillian played the lead in the 2005 feature film West and also performed in the film, Highly Toxic in the same year.

Having a great love of theatre, Gillian has appeared in many productions including Codes of Practice (2005), The Chatroom (2004), Ghost Train (2004), Six Characters Looking For An Author (2003), Resident Alien (2002), Mice (2001), Return To The Forbidden Planet (2000) and Popcorn (1999).

Gillian enjoys playing the guitar and brass, has trained in tap, jazz, ballet and contemporary dance, is fluent in French and has accents in French, American and Australian.

User comments
all saddness that the show is off the air...heartbroken.
hi taylor you are so great on mcleods daughters do you no why it had to be coming on then it was off i just don't get it
hi tayler geddes from joe finn
Tayler u really rock!!!!!!! i think even though u are young to all the others at Drovers u are soooo my fav
Gillian Alexy u r so cool, playing as Tayler Geddes, u so fit into her character so well, u and Patrick make such a good couple U R A GREAT ACTOR!!!!!
Dear Gillian, i think your charcter on Mcleouds is amazing and you can really fit into that. You are just like me (in ways) and i really admire that about you!!!! i think your amazing and wishhh i could meet the whole cast of Mcleouds. Tayla x
omg...... i wish you would go off air i love all of you i wish i could also come & visit
hey,i think you are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep rocking on
your a great actor i saw you grow when you were on the kids programs, you have changed heaps for the better and your beautiful too
Hi Gillian a.ka.a Tayler, Greeting from Malaysia... You did your job very well...I love it and it inspired my whole days...Fantastic and charismatic.... All the best Gillian.

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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