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Marcus Turner (Matthew Passmore)
Watch a video interview with Matthew.

Marcus Turner (Matthew Passmore)

Mid-twenties, good looking and equal to Alex in every way – physically matched for size and as expert at any physical activity, from riding to fighting and wrestling. That’s Marcus. He and Alex also have a similar sense of humour and get on well in a casual, matey way.

Marcus is the product of a boarding school in the country where he went with his mother. That makes him yet another son Bryce had with a woman who was not his wife.

Marcus grew up as a skilled footy player. So talented that he was on the verge of a professional career, but fame and fortune went to his head and he sabotaged his own dreams by ending up out of control – drinking, fighting and womanising.

Marcus then went jackarooing to get his life in shape. Desperate to redeem himself in his father’s eyes, he offered his services and was taken on by Bryce in a vague financial management capacity, despite having no formal qualifications. This is not to say that Marcus isn’t his own man, who frequently rails against his situation, challenging Bryce’s authority and asserting himself.

Marcus arrives at Killarney with a secret he has only just learned – that Alex is his half-brother. Marcus is torn between doing his job, feeling manipulated by Bryce, and genuinely liking this bloke – Alex – while not letting his feelings get in the way of the hard decisions he has to make.

Matthew Passmore
Matthew Passmore graduated from NIDA in 2001. His extensive television credits include The Alice, Last Man Standing, The Cooks, Blue Heelers, Always Greener, Backburner and as a regular presenter on Play School.

Matthew has also performed in several theatre productions as part of the Bell Shakespeare Theatre’s national tour The Taming of the Shrew, The Credeaux Canvas, Blackrock, Replays, The Idiot and X-Stacy.

His feature film work includes the role of Network Executive in the Son of the Mask and multiple short film roles.

Matthew commenced filming McLeod’s Daughters in August 2006.

User comments
hey my name is edith i love mcleods daughters i havent missed any episodes except for when claire went off the cliff and when alex died so do you reckon you could send me those episodes??? you are such a good actor and are there going to be any more episodes or is that it all together??? can you reaaly ride a horse or can't you??? i have 9 horses and i can ride every single one of them. i love to canter around in the breeze on cool days in the middle of the paddock. i also have 5 sisters and two brothers when we all get older do you reckon we could make a show called the stephenson daughters??? anyway send me an email soon and by the way i am 12!!!
Hey matthew what you doing kissing abi
Enjoyed the series but not surprised you were cancelled. Writers and producers changed the characters too much and were not consistant. It seemed like the writers never wanted anyone to be fulltime happy and I've never seen a series where the main characters were killed off so easily. There was too much of a lack of realism. I work in one of the most dangerous businesses in the world with about 100,000 in our industry and even though we lose someone every 3.4 days by death, McLeod's Daughters have gone well over our death rate. Your opening of the show changes so much I never know each time I watch the program by DVD who's going to be in the starring role. That has been my most disappointing part of the series. You killed off or got rid of too many stars and that has been your downfall. There are a lot of bumps and bruises in real life, and I want to watch a program that will make me forget about my hard times, not one that will magnify them. Blessings. Louisiana...USA
Hey I saw Matt at Castle Towers today going into a movie. It took me a split second to register it was him as I brushed by him, lol. and I won't tell you who he was with...
i love ya you are so cool and i have a question why did you go in before and why was your name ben? where you sopost to be a diferent person? youare so hot. Chrystal Schwarz.
I have grown up on this show and pretty much have the same live. Even though the problems are the same kind of it still doesnt bore me i am so going to miss the show i cant remeber but i think i saw u and dustin on a underbelly ad good luck with that hope to see u playing many more roles in the future! Brodee xoxxox ( im a girl)
...well.. guess i'm just joining the club...! hot! hot! bad Australia's all the way down under... love the McLeod's... especially Marcus..
Matt you are a great actor! mcleods is my fav tv show in the whole world!!! i think its the best. i have all the series on dvd!!! i have met you at the mcleods daughters farewell i got a photo of you and me and i got your autograph as well as Aaron jeffery, Abi tucker, Rachael Coopes, and the singer from mcleods Bec Lavelle!!!! love your BIGGEST fan EVER!!!!!!!! Naomi xxx
hi matt i have a question,you appear in season 6 as greg and later as marcus, and nobody recognises you as the man who rescued Tess when she fell in that whole. please explain this to me. thanks heaps!
hey i would just like to say what a good actor you are and a awsum man....really going to miss the show,oh and good luck in the future....

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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