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Episode 175 — 'Reaching Out'

Jodi is becoming increasingly disturbed about Emma McLeod and the identity of her secret lover. Woken by the sound of a crying woman in the night, Jodi worries when it becomes clear that she is the only person who can hear the crying. But when Jodi sees a vision of a dead man in the dam and connects him to the contents of Emma's secret room, her fear reaches fever pitch. Jodi decides to board up the room.

Matt invites Jodi over for dinner to get her mind off things on the assumption that both Patrick and Riley will be out. However, the dinner doesn't quite work out as planned, with Riley returning unexpectedly, ruining the impending romantic moment.

The next day, Matt is with Jodi when she sees another vision of the dead man. Jodi bursts into tears, fearing for her sanity. But Matt has more insight into the situation than Jodi and after helping Jodi un-board the ladder room so she can face her demons, he tells her about how he was haunted after his family died. It's nothing to be afraid of, he says, and she should try and be open to what the dead are trying to tell her.

Later, Jodi polishes up Emma's bracelet and finds the inscription "Darling Emma, love Wyn". Tayler twigs to the name — it's the same as the winner of the Gungellan Picnic Races from 1872, 1873 and 1874 — Wyn's Delight.

Research on the Internet leads Jodi to the discovery that Wyn is a Rakich. Knowing the bad blood between the McLeod and the Rakich families, Jodi figures that Wyn and Emma were star-crossed lovers. But what happened? What got in the way of their love? That night Jodi has a dream where Wyn, lying wounded in the dam, asks for Emma. Jodi is determined to solve the mystery.

Meanwhile, Alex, angry that Marcus lied to him for so long, is doing his best to not deal with the fact that he and Marcus are brothers. This causes him to ignore Marcus's offer of help with cutting down a tree, which in turn leads to it crashing down on the boundary fence.

Killarney sheep get out on to Drovers Run through the gap in the fence, mingling with the Drovers calving cows, some of whom have been struck down with scouring. Alex tells Stevie that he doesn't want the sheep back until her cattle have been given the all clear. Stevie knows that the base of the problem is with Alex and Marcus. Despite telling Marcus that she won't play peace-maker between the brothers, Stevie is drawn into their problems and ends up doing exactly what she said she wouldn't.

Alex and Marcus are forced to work together when the Drovers trailer is damaged thanks to their arguing. Through this, they come to an agreement — they can work together, with managing Bryce's interference their main goal.

Taylor gets in trouble with Stevie over trying to do extra work with the brumbies. When Patrick suggests that Tayler should surprise Stevie with what she can do, Tayler secretly practices saddling an untrained brumby, watched by Riley. But when Stevie discovers that Tayler has injured her ankle thanks to the skittish horse, she is furious. When Riley pulls her up on her motives for not giving Tayler a go, Stevie realises that she hasn't been fair and gives Tayler the go she so desperately wanted.

Meanwhile, Tayler and Patrick must race against the clock to replace the Gungellan Picnic Races trophy before anybody finds out that it was destroyed.

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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