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Behind-the-scenes at Alex and Stevie's wedding

Alex and Stevie's big day turned out to be the TV wedding of the year! Here's a few tidbits of trivia from behind-the-scenes of the biggest McLeod's wedding to date.

The dress
Stevie's gorgeous wedding gown was designed by costume designer Jenny Miles, and was made at Caleche Bridal Centre in Norwood, South Australia. Simmone Jade Mackinnon (who plays Stevie) spotted a similar dress in a bridal magazine and thought the gown would look great on horseback.

The bridesmaids dresses
The girls simple styles were bought from Tea Rose in Elizabeth, South Australia. The dresses, as well as Stevie's gown, were customised to become more 'horse friendly'.
"To ride a horse in a long dress it needs a wide hem, for obvious reasons," explains costume designer Jenny Miles. "As we had access to the same fabric I asked Meridith Goyne, one of our girls in the costume department, to insert flared panels into the skirts to make them wider."

The music
Two key songs define Stevie and Alex's big day. During the ceremony, the music playing is 'Never Let You Go' by Evermore. You can download it here. During the reception, Stevie and Alex dance to 'Sometimes' by McLeod's staple songbird Rebecca Lavelle.
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