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Tess and Claire

McLeod's Daughters - where it all began...

McLeod's Daughters was launched on the Nine Network in August 2001 and was the third most watched Australian TV drama series in 2002.

Series one of McLeod's Daughters was sold to the giant American cable network Hallmark, who successfully debuted it in the UK in October 2001, and throughout Asia in March 2002.

The series was also been picked up by TVNZ in New Zealand, where it became an instant hit with viewers.

Creator Posie Graeme-Evans developed the original concept for McLeod's Daughters for a successful and high-rating 1996 Nine Network telemovie, and it has been in development since as a series.

Posie says a photograph depicting "blue skies and quintessentially Aussie girls' faces with big wide grins under the broad brim of a classic RM Williams hat" inspired her.

The homestead Anecdotes by country friends and Posie's love of South Australian landscapes, as depicted in Sir Hans Heysen paintings, also contributed to the McLeod's Daughters concept.

While the series was being developed, Kingsford, the property featured in the original telemovie, was put on the market. The Nine Network seized the opportunity to purchase the property in 1999, knowing that being able to film on a working farm would be fundamental to the success of the series.

Although the location remains the same as the telemovie, the characters in the series of McLeod's Daughters have been developed considerably and are played by a different cast.

Jodi Ex-cast member Bridie Carter, who played Tess Silverman McLeod, was a newcomer at the beginning of the series but became a household name along with fellow cast newcomer Rachael Carpani and ex-cast member Myles Pollard. Simmone Jade Mackinnon, who joined the cast at the end of 2003, has fast becoming a recognised name. The highly talented Michala Banas joined the core cast in 2004.

Sonia Todd and Aaron Jeffery complete the core cast and bring diverse experience in both television and features films — contributing immeasurably to what Posie refers to as "a well-balance cast". They are supported by experienced actors Marshall Napier and John Jarratt who play regular guest cast roles.

The four female leads carry the heart of each story throughout the series, which Posie believes reflects much of the truth of what's happening in Australia.

"The timing was right for this type of show - a rural-based series which showcases a predominately female cast and tells stories that reflect the lives and desires of contemporary Australian women," said Posie.

McLeod's Daughters is the first prime-time drama series to be filmed entirely in South Australia. The series is a co-production between Millennium Television and Nine Films and Television, produced with the assistance of the South Australian Film Corporation.

Production and location information about McLeod's Daughters.
User comments
Please bring back McLeods Daughters with the sons and daughters of the orginal cast continuing the story. Jodi and Claire's children running Drovers, Zander running Killarney, Tess and Nick's daughter running Wilgul. All the orginal cast as older. Your show was loved worldwide and if you would start a fanclub that I'm sure would pay dues to help with the expenses of production. If the orginal cast would not be willing to come back, get different cast. Just don't let such a succesful show end. It brought such joy to millians of fans and is definately better to watch than most of the crap that is on TV now. Please Posie!! You created a hit- bring back Jodi, Tess, Jaz, Regan, Grace, Taylor, Miora, Nick, Marcus, Ingrid, Ben,Phil,Patrick, Matt and their children to continue the show.
i don't think you realize what worldwide fans you have that would love for a future show that revolves around the children of all the characters could bring back the show. Zander could be running Killarney, Charlet-Drovers Run along with Jodi and Matts child. Tess and Nick's child Claire running Kiselles. The parents could all be brought back as older. If the original cast wasn't willing to return, you could get different characters to play their parts. There are fans that I'm sure if a fanclub would be started, they would be willing to contribute donations to make this happen. The show was a hit worldwide and if an attempt was made to put the show back on in the US and other countries it would be a big hit. Please, please consider it.
I guess the old saying is true all good things must come to an end.I will be very sorry to see this great show come to an end.I have laughed,cryed and rode along with the girls as they went on a sheep or cattle muster and to check fences along skiny jims I wish all the best to all of the actors in what ever lays ahead for then in the furture.It has been one heck of a ride over these last years.Each and ever one of you will be greatly missed.May god bless each and everyone one of you
hey everyone i cant believe mcleod's daughters has finished i miss watching it every wednesday night. im 17 years old and have watched every single one im a huge fan i have every dvd and cd i listen to the cds like everyday and each after noon i watch one or two episodes each afternoon fter coming home from school i was just wondering if there is ever goin to be any more episodes made as there is so much more you can go on with like charlotte and xander can grow up also there is jodi with her baby i also would like grace and marcus to get together too well i would love to hear back from you as i really love this show its the best show in the world and will be greatly missed
i have seen every episode of this show again and again its the best thing thats ever happened to tv and i wish it had of carried on. my fav characters were just about all of them they are all such good actors or actresses and they make this show so amazing
i am also wanting to know who designed stevies wedding dress that she married alex in. i love and would love to no more about it etc, where it came from and who designed it. any info would be great.
hello my name is shannee and i was wondering why mcleods daughters finished i really loved the show and have seen every episode of it. in the school holidays i sit in my room and watch it every day. i loved it so much and i am really upset it finished =( is there a reason it finished. =( please let me know shannee
I'm just writing to find out some information about stevie's wedding dress. episode 186. I fell in love with the dress and would like to find out who the designer was..... Could you please let me know who the designer was and where it was made... As I would like to see if i could be able to get something like it made
Thank you so much to all who helped produce this amazing series, it was so inspiring and i wish i could have been a part of it, im only 16 years old and i think it is the best show ever created. It has inspired me so much that one day i wish to be like them and own my own farm, thank you very much it was truly amazing! i will miss it. grant.

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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