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McLeod's Daughters

Episode 112 - 'Do you read me...?'

Incapacitated by an injured foot, a bored Stevie has become addicted to the two-way radio. What was supposed to be a way of her keeping in touch around the farm has become an opened Pandora’s Box. If she isn’t bossing Kate like Big Brother, she’s snooping on the conversations of everybody from South Gungellan to West Fisher. When she overhears Renegade, a two-way radio romeo, doing his line with other females, Stevie can’t help but get on the air and give him a serve. He suggests she meet him for a date She has no intention of doing so but circumstances conspire to place her in the pub when he’s there – they meet, and sparks do fly. He seems to be good fun and good looking!

Stevie’s happy until she overhears Renegade on the two-way telling an obnoxious mate RAW4 (Joe Kershaw) that he has Tammy at his place. Stevie writes him off as another liar, - the guy isn’t single as he had claimed! Next day at the Truckstop, Stevie’s path crosses with Raw4 (Kershaw) and his suspicious behaviour leads her to believe that Tammy is Kershaw’s wife and Renegade is holding her with intent to do her harm so Kershaw can collect insurance. Stevie ropes Alex into her investigation which grinds to a halt when she finds Kershaw’s wife (Therese not Tammy) is alive and well at the Pub ready to divorce her creep of a husband.

Alex enjoys slipping in the boot but then with Dave’s help, pieces together the real story – Renegade is holding a Tammy as part of an insurance scam. Stevie was right about that. Tammy is not a person but a horse. Stevie must lure Renegade on a date and get him to take her back to his place so she and Alex can learn Tammy’s whereabouts. Things go awry though when Kershaw tumbles to Alex and Stevie’s game and the whole thing almost ends in tragedy before our crew, all working together, expose the horse and nail the bad guys.

Kate is feeling lonely and overworked at Drovers when a fence job on the Drovers/Killarney border sees her having to work with Sandra. Kate finds this hard going until the two women bond when Kate successfully removes a burrowing tick from Sandra’s neck. Kate so impresses Sandra that it leads to a job offer: Come and run Kinsella’s for her. It’s Kate’s dream come true but before she accepts she needs to know if Jodi is planning to return to Drover’s. Then the worst part – telling Tess.

Still holding onto her pride and refusing to accept Stevie’s offer to come back and work on Drovers, Jodi is finding that it’s tough to land a job. She’s taken a casual job at the Pub to makes ends meet. She’s missing Drovers terribly and her self esteem is at a low ebb when she finds out that Kate is sliding into all her old jobs with ease. When Greg Dawson rubs his victory over Luke in his face by getting him to do modifications on Luke’s ex car, Jodi decides it’s time to fight back. Greg claims to be able to pick any car engine just by its sound and challenges them to a bet: If Greg can’t guess an engine provided by Luke, he gives Luke his car back but if he gets it right, Jodi’ll go on a date with him. Greg for his part has a fierce interest in Jodi and is determined to win her, oblivious to Luke’s anger.

A confident Greg guesses the engine and both Jodi and Luke realise how deep their feelings are for one another. They are saved when it’s revealed that Greg cheated.

Nick and Tess are struggling with their decision to live apart. It makes sense logically but not emotionally – they are already missing each other terribly. Dave, Meg and Stevie are all concerned when they realise Nick is being seen by the single ladies of Gungellan as available. Neither Nick nor Tess think this is anyone else’s business but their own. But neither can avoid the evidence. Nick realises he’s going to have to spell things out – literally – to the people of Gungellan.

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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