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McLeod's Daughters

Episode 122 - 'Down to Earth'

Drovers and Killarney are in a state of flux, if not panic, with the imminent departure of Tess and Nick. While Tess is busy handing over the reins to Stevie, Rob Shelton arrives at Killarney. Rob is Killarney’s new overseer: clean cut and well mannered, if a little reserved. He’s not Alex’s first choice and Alex’s opinion seems confirmed when Rob fails to bond over a beer and generally keeps to himself. Alex can’t fault his professionalism but thinks he should lighten up. Jodi interprets Rob’s behaviour as old-fashioned chauvinism.

Thrown into the chaos of the shearing shed on his first day, Rob soon discovers a group of contracted shearers are taking advantage of Killarney. He points this out to Alex when they find a sheep carcass near a barbecue site. Alex thinks it’s not worth creating tension over. For Rob it’s the principle of the matter. Rob’s problems with the shearers come to a head when he witnesses their self-appointed spokesman, Ollie, pushing Kate around at Tess and Nick’s farewell party. Rob confronts Ollie. He avoids hitting the guy, but his anger is palpable. After the standoff, Alex is faced with either losing the shearers or his new overseer. Alex makes the wrong choice at first, but eventually it’s Rob who stays. He and Alex are forced to finish the sheep off together, respect slowly building between them.

With Tess leaving, Stevie is now in charge of Drovers, she decides Kate and Jodi need to sort out who’s going to take on her old overseer’s job. Easier said than done. After fierce jockeying for the position the girls decide to let Stevie keep her overseer’s position. At least that way they’ll always have someone to bitch about. Kate also has to contend with Dave and Regan’s burgeoning relationship. She accepts Jodi’s advice that she find herself some “man candy”. There’s nothing like a good-looking bloke hanging off a girl’s arm to stir the other guys’ interest. While wool classing on Killarney, Kate invites Ollie to the farewell party. Jodi’s plan seems to be working until Ollie realizes he’s only there to make Dave jealous. Insulted, Ollie pushes Kate, earning Rob’s wrath.

Meanwhile, Stevie discovers that Regan is in possession of aerial photos of Drovers Run. Regan lets Stevie in on the “opportunity of a lifetime”: she believes there’s gold under the wildlife corridor. Stevie tells her plainly Tess will not allow it. But the notification has been lodged and the claim is going ahead. When Tess finds out, she is furious. She throws Regan off the property and decides she has to stay to fight for her land. She’ll follow Nick overseas when the dust settles. Regan goes to stay with Dave. Now Dave knows what a complicated relationship means. Back on Drovers, the girls prepare for battle…

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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