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Rachael Coopes

Ingrid Marr (Rachael Coopes)

Great things come in small packages. The new vet in town is a pocket dynamo – an energetic, enthusiastic, no-nonsense young woman who never takes a backward step. Women find her relaxed and friendly to be around; men find her gorgeous. It doesn't take long before Marcus falls for her easygoing charm.

Ingrid is not a typical country vet. Although most local farmers are used to dealing with male vets (strength and size can be major assets when wrangling large animals), Ingrid has never let sexism deter her. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in expertise and instinct. Put simply, she's a great vet. She also loves large animals and keeps a draught horse Hercules as a pet. Being a city vet has never appealed to Ingrid. She loves everything about the rural environment; the people, the lifestyle, the landscape and the wide range of challenging work involved.

At first glance, Ingrid’s life seems charmed — a great job, plenty of friends, a handsome boyfriend. Although she appears unflappable and brimful of confidence, Ingrid has a dark secret which she is determined to put behind her. But the past has a way of catching up ...

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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