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Ben Hall (John Schwarz)

Stevie Hall's cousin Ben likes to think he's an uncomplicated bloke. He's tough, impulsive, stoic with a larrikin humour. But there's a vulnerability to Ben that he manages to keep mostly hidden. If there's one thing that pushes Ben's buttons, it’s bullying of any kind. He'll step in and defend whoever is being stood over without any thought for his own safety.

When he was a teenager Ben clashed with his father, an alcoholic who had a tendency to go the knuckle with Mum after he had a few beers under his belt. Ben watched in horror as his Dad belted his Mum and then one day Ben stood up, took on his old man and flattened him. That was the day he left home.

With nowhere else to go, Ben hid out in a tree house at Stevie's place. When Stevie's Mum, Helen, found out she took Ben in. Ben always stepped in to protect Stevie, not that she ever needed protecting — she was always able to look after herself. When Stevie found herself pregnant at 15, Ben was the first person she confided in. e stood by her as Stevie was thrown out of home and Rose was finally passed to Michelle to bring up.

Then he was there for Stevie during all the wild years that followed. The two of them were the best of mates. When Ben's Dad died, Stevie helped Ben face his demons. He hadn't stepped back in that house for years and now he had to console his Mum, organise the funeral and put things right. Stevie was right there beside him during all of it and Ben hasn't forgotten. Now he reckons he's got the opportunity to return the favour.

Ben's just had his heart broken. He carries around an engagement ring for his old girlfriend, Monique. Mystery surrounds what happened to end their relationship, and so far, Ben has remained tight-lipped. But Monique is bound to turn up at Drovers one day, declaring her love for Ben and complicating his life even further. And Ben just wants his life to be uncomplicated. But it'll never happen.

John Schwarz
At the age of two, John and his family moved to South Africa as his father, a doctor was working in a Zuzu land hospital. Until the age of 12 John's playground >as the Drankensburg Mountains, South Africa.

Prior to going to Nida, John studied pre-med (health science degree). He then graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts with a degree in Acting.

John has since appeared in guest roles in popular Australian TV series including All Saints, Farscape and Comedy Inc and has appeared in several films including The Plex, Fink, and Foolproof. John has also worked on various TVC campaigns including Bundy, Toyota, Quicksilver, Daily Telegraph, King Gee and Nicobate

His theatre work includes A Lie of the Minds produced by Claypot Productions and Siruis Productions' Magic Flute Part II.

In 2007, John began filming his role of Ben Hall, in McLeod's Daughters.

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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