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The music from McLeod's Daughters echoes the emotion that has made this series one of Australia's favourites. Following the successful release of McLeod's Daughters - Songs from the Series comes McLeod's Daughters - Songs from the Series Volume Two, a wonderful album featuring more sensational songs written specifically with key scenes from the show in mind.

This second release rejoins the talented trio who brought us the first album: Posie Graeme-Evans (executive producer and creator) writing the lyrics, Chris Harriott composing and producing the songs and Rebecca Lavelle as the beautiful voice behind each track.

"I have always felt that the music of McLeods is part of the whole fabric of the show. I'm biased I know, but in my terms it's as distinctive as the magnificent pictures, the wonderful performances from our cast and the stories we tell. Chris Harriott and Rebecca Lavelle take the words I write and add so much more. I'm always astonished, and moved, by the finished songs. I really hope that fans of the show love this album as much as we've enjoyed making it. I'm really proud of the finished result."

Posie Graeme-Evans

McLeod's Daughters Songs from the Series

This original release brings together the beautiful vocals of Rebecca Lavelle with the songwriting talents of Chris Harriott, Posie Graeme-Evans and Michaeley O'Brien on 12 original tracks. From the opening track 'Understand Me' to the heartfelt closing ballad 'My Heart Is Like A River', this is an inspiring body of work.
User comments
Where can I purchase the soundtracks vol 1, 2 & 3. I just started to watch the tv series. I am on season 2. I have been hooked since the first episode of season 1. It was a fluke that I found you thru Netflix where I rent our DVD's from. I sure do hope that there will be an 8th season!!!! If not where are the cast going from here? Any other tv shows or movies I can find them in. How do I e-mail some of my favorite characters?? Sure would love to write to them. I will wait to hear fro you. Thanks so much!!
Jade, I got my copies of all three soundstracks off Amazon, I'm sure you can find it there as well... also, Drover's Run and My Heart's Home are the same song, just two different titles, the cd lists it as My Heart's Home (Drover's Run). Hope that helps!
Hi there, Where can I get hold of the music album?
hi, do you someone, have the song from 1st, 2nd series??? something like my heart is like river, my heart is like theese hills... do you know?? can u send me the song to my email adrres or send me some website, where can i find it?? THANK YOU..
i just cant believe this amazing show has come to its last series i hate that it has to finish i wish they could keep making series like a series 9, 10, 11, 12 and so on i would really love to see xander and charlotte grow up and see jodis baby it a girl or a boy i wish you didnt have to end the show i have a few questions 1Q. Where can i get the songs because they dont have it on limewire or in any shops 2Q who made stevies wedding dress and were can i get it from 3Q what was the song on the 8th series when they went on a huge drove to get the cows to the road trian (convoy of trucks) and then they come back and jodi and meg was there and then all of them went for a huge ride to the cliff and back what was the song playing when they went on that ride with all of them because i typed in drovers run because it said that on the shows credits but on limewire it come up with my hearts home
HI. Can someone tell me where I can buy all the soundtracks in South Aust pls? even online is fine.thanks
The Lullaby is called Xanders Lullaby. It was composed and sung by Michala Banas. I have had the song in my head for days and would love the lyrics so I know what I'm humming does anyone know them?
Hey, I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE the McLeods music. =] The songs really touch my heart. But South Asutralia didnt have a single copy of any of the soundtracks at any Sanity store. I was very disappointed. =[ And also iTunes doesnt have the McLeods songs. I have searched Rebecca Lavelle and everything. I ordered the CD but its gonna take 4-5 weeks to get here. =0 The only McLeods thing on iTunes was series 8 and some of series 7. I really really wanted the music!! Hopefully in the future South Australia will have the soundtracks and the music on iTunes.
i can not beleive this series is ending, i love watching the show and never miss a night its on,i wont know what else to do on saturnday nights...does anyone know where i can get the dress stevie wore for her weeding, that is the dress i want for my wedding.all i need is the name of the perosn who made it....
what were all the songs on this episode? i cant find them

Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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