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Tess is worriedEpisode 106 - 'Twice Bitten'Stevie suspects Kane's not as straight as he makes out, while more surprises from Sally are set to change Tess and Nick's lives forever. Episode 105 - 'Love Interrupted'Nick's ex girlfriend Sally arrives at Drovers Run with news that will shatter the newlyweds' happiness. Episode 104 - 'The things we do for love'Alex helps Jasmine McLeod overcome her fear of riding and in the process finds himself falling in love with her. Jasmine & NickEpisode 103 - 'A McLeod Daughter'Past passions are whispering around the halls of Drovers Run as Tess's cousin Jasmine arrives with her father’s ashes and a few other skeletons besides. Episode 102 - 'My House Is Your House'The Drovers girls have a tough time adjusting to Nick as the new 'Man of the House', and when Dave makes a career-threatening mistake, love, loyalty and family ties are called into question. Episode 101 - 'Something To Prove'Stevie and Kate let pride get in the way as they both try to prove themselves in preparation for Tess and Nick's return from their honeymoon. TessEpisode 100 - 'This Moment Forward'Nick and Tess approach the altar at last, but there's family heartache to endure before any glimpse of a gold ring. Episode 99 - 'Trembling On The Brink'An earth tremor makes Tess worried about the omens for her wedding to Nick, but when the earth moves for Stevie and Alex, they try and pretend that nothing happened. Episode 98 - 'When There's Fire'Jodi's new position in the Country Fire Service is compromised when Luke becomes the prime suspect in a series of fires. Nick & TessEpisode 97 - 'Dangerous Waters'As marriage looms for Tess and Nick, Tess finds herself in over her head. Episode 96 - 'For Love Or Money'When Stevie's past catches up with her, she decides to run again - and this time she asks Kane to come with her. Episode 95 - 'Secrets and Lies'Tess's plans to propose to Nick go haywire when Dave makes a discovery that threatens to derail the proposal permanently. Stevie & KaneEpisode 94 - 'Friendly Fire'Alex and Stevie’s friendship is put to the test when Kane comes between them. Episode 93 - 'Saturn Return'Tess's birthday forces her to take a long, hard look at herself, but she "sees" more than she bargained for and unwittingly creates some midsummer night's madness. Tess & NickEpisode 92 - 'My Brother's Keeper'Stevie falls for the charismatic Kane, while Alex's growing friendship with him creates estrangement between the Ryan brothers. Episode 91 - 'Every Breath You Take'An innocent flirtation turns into something more dangerous for Kate as Stevie and Alex finally realise their dream of starting a rodeo school. Stevie & RoseEpisode 90 - 'Magnetic Attraction'When Stevie's daughter Rose arrives unannounced, life at Drovers is thrown into turmoil for everyone - and Stevie is faced with revealing the biggest secret of her life. Episode 89 - 'Desperate and Dateless'The girls hit the road, decked out in their finest for a big night at the B & S ball, but Stevie has a secret agenda that the others are about to uncover. Meg leavesEpisode 88 - 'Call Me Kate'Jodi battles with what seems like the biggest decision of her life after Kate Manfredi marches into Drovers Run, while Sandra's pregnancy causes more sorrow than joy. Episode 87 - 'Second Chance'Drastic changes are about to happen when Meg's sister, Celia, pays a visit and Meg takes a long hard look at her future. Jodi kidnappedEpisode 86 - 'Make or Break'Tess trusts the wrong stranger and has to rescue Jodi from a dangerous situation. Episode 85 - 'Fool for Love'Stevie's ex husband arrives at Drovers with some surprising news - their divorce never went through, he's here to win her back. Tracy and AlexEpisode 84 - 'Flesh and Blood'An old well on Drovers Run holds a forgotten secret for Tess, leading her to a devastating decision about the future. Myles and Aaron receive some surprising news. Episode 83 - 'Father's Day'Tess has a fight on her hands when Peter claims custody of Charlotte. Alex enlists the help of his barrister father, Bryce. Tracy & AlexEpisode 82 - 'Show Of Love'Alex's first love arrives in town with a proposition for Alex – which turns out to be a lot more complicated than it seems. Episode 81 - 'When Sparks 'Tess and Nick try to put their faltering relationship back on track, but there is an explosion that neither sees coming. Tess and NickEpisode 80 - 'Game of Chance'When Tess's fantasy world collides with reality, she finds herself pulled in two different directions, and must decide between the two men who love her. Episode 79 - 'Great Expectations'Stevie uncovers a dying man's secret, and some secrets of her own are ready to rock Drovers Run. StevieEpisode 78 - 'Day of Reckoning'Sandra has a surprising solution when Alex and Nick face a heart wrenching decision, while Tess tackles her own problems with a charging bull and a gate. Episode 77 - 'Jack of All Shades'Tess’ world is turned upside down by the arrival of a man claiming to be Jack McLeod’s long lost son. Guest stars Jeremy Lindsay Taylor. Stars Bridie Carter and Sonia Todd. Episode 76 - 'Double Dealing'It’s high noon at Drovers when Tess and Stevie get caught in a sting by Sandra. Stevie & TessEpisode 75 - 'Out of the Ashes'A stolen horse, a raging bushfire, and Stevie defying orders push Tess to the limit now she is in charge of Drovers Run.
Posie Graeme-Evans
Posie Graeme-EvansPosie Graeme-EvansIn this special video interview, the creator of McLeod's Daughters, Posie Graeme-Evans reminisces about life on Drover's Run, and says a special thank you to fans of the show.
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